How to Check FESCO Bill without Reference Number

How to Check FESCO Bill without Reference Number

Are you trying to figure out how to check your FESCO bill without a reference number? You’re not alone. Many of us often misplace our Fesco online bill check from the previous month or forget to note down the crucial reference numbers that simplify the process of checking our electricity bills online. 

Fortunately, FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) provides alternative ways to access your bill, ensuring that you can stay updated on your dues even without the reference number.

So, here we guide you on how to Fesco bill check online without a reference number.

How to Check FESCO Bill Without Reference Number

Checking your FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) bill without a reference number involves a few alternative steps. Here’s a guide to help you through the process:

Step 1 – Locate Your Consumer ID

Before you begin, find your Consumer ID. This is different from the reference number and is usually found on any previous bill.

Step 2 – Visit the FESCO Website or Use their App

Go to the FESCO official website or download their mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Step 3 – Navigate to the Bill Inquiry Section

On the website or app, look for the ‘Bill Inquiry’ or ‘Bill Status’ section.

Step 4 – Enter Your Consumer ID

In the provided field, enter your Consumer ID.

Step 5 – Submit the Inquiry

After entering your Consumer ID, click on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Check Bill’ button.

Step 6 – View Your Bill

Your current bill should now be displayed on the screen. You can view, download, or print the bill as needed.

Step 7 – Contact Customer Service if Needed

If you encounter any issues or cannot find your Consumer ID, contact FESCO customer service for assistance.

Step 8 – Register for Email or SMS Alerts (Optional)

For future convenience, consider registering your email address or phone number to receive bill alerts directly.

How do Check an Electricity Bill Online Without a Reference Number?

To check whether your MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) bill has been paid or not without using a reference number, you can easily do so by sending a specific SMS. 

  • Start by composing a new SMS message.
  • In the message, type “MEPB”, followed by a space.
  • After the space, type in your ‘Statement Number’ (STMT NO), followed by another space.
  • Next, include your ‘Meter Number’ (METER NO), again followed by a space.
  • Finally, add the ‘Date of Meter Reading’ at the end of the message.

Once you have formatted the SMS correctly, send it to 46040. You should receive a reply with the status of your latest MEPCO bill, indicating whether it has been paid or not. This FESCO online bill method is particularly useful for those who do not have their reference number readily available but still wish to stay updated on their bill status.

LESCO Bill Reference Number

The LESCO bill reference number is a unique identifier used to track and manage your electricity bill. It is typically a 14-digit number that includes both numbers and one alphabet. The format of the reference number is represented as XX XXXXX XXXXXXXX. This reference number is prominently printed on the top of your LESCO electricity bill for easy identification.

LESCO Bill Reference Number

In addition to the reference number, there is also a Consumer ID, which is another important identifier. The Consumer ID consists of 7 digits and includes only numbers. Like the reference number, the Consumer ID is also printed on the top of your LESCO bill.

These identifiers are essential for making online payments, lodging complaints, or inquiring about your electricity bill. It’s important to accurately use these numbers when required to ensure your transactions or inquiries are correctly processed.


Is there a mobile app for FESCO bill inquiries?

Yes, FESCO has a mobile app where you can check your bill, report issues, and get updates.

Can I visit a local FESCO office for bill assistance?

Visiting a local FESCO customer service center can provide direct assistance for bill-related queries.

What details do I need to provide for bill inquiry at a FESCO office?

You should provide your name, address, and ideally any previous bill copy or the connection’s Consumer ID.

Are there any online services or third-party apps for checking FESCO bills?

There are various online services and third-party apps where you can enter your Consumer ID or other details to check your bill.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect bill?

If your bill seems incorrect, contact FESCO immediately to rectify the issue. Provide them with the necessary details for an accurate reassessment.

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