hesco complaint

HESCO Complaint: Register and Resolve Electricity Concerns

HESCO Complaint
hesco complaint

Want to know how to make a complaint to HESCO, the folks who handle electricity in Hyderabad, Pakistan? Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through it step by step.

HESCO, or Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is the team responsible for getting electricity to homes and businesses in Hyderabad, Pakistan. They also make sure the power lines stay in good shape.

If you’re dealing with problems related to your electricity or have something to say about your HESCO bill, it’s crucial to understand how to file a HESCO Bill Complaint. In this article, we’ll provide you with straightforward steps to make sure your concerns are heard and resolved. Let’s get started on addressing your HESCO Complaint effectively!

How to Register My HESCO Complaint

To register your HESCO complaint, follow these simple steps to get it done quickly:

1. Start by visiting HESCO’s official website at “hesco.gov.pk.”

2. Hover your mouse over the “media center” tab.

3. Under customer service, find and click on “register your complaints.”

4. This click takes you to the complaint registration form.

5. Now, follow these steps on the form:

  • a. Type in your 14-digit reference number from your HESCO online bill in the top-left field.
  • b. Enter your mobile number without any spaces or dashes.
  • c. Add your name in the required field.
  • d. Tell them your nearest location.
  • e. Pick the nature of your complaint from the dropdown list. You can choose from line complaints, non-line complaints, or leads/requests.
  • f. Describe your complaint in detail.
  • g. If you have any related files or documents, you can attach them using the “choose file” option.

6. Finally, click on “Register Complaint,” and you’re all set! HESCO has received your complaint and will look into it.

If online isn’t your thing, you’ve got other options too:

Give us a Call: Dial up our Contact Centre at 118 or shoot an SMS to 8118.

Send an Email: Shoot an email to [email protected].

And if, by any chance, your HESCO issue isn’t sorted out, you can get in touch with the head of Quality and Assurance via this email address: [email protected].

Hesco Complaint FAQs

When will my power come back if it goes out?

To know when your electricity will be back after an outage, contact your nearby HESCO office. If they’re too busy, you can call 111-000-118 or just 118.

What if I don’t get my HESCO bill?

HESCO bills are online, and you can get your latest bill by using your reference number. But if you haven’t seen a bill for a long time, visit your local office.

Why is it hard to get through to the complaint line?

Sometimes, when there’s a power problem, lots of people call, and that’s why it’s busy. If it’s too crowded, try calling 111-000-118 or 118 for HESCO headquarters.

What if my bill has the wrong reading?

If your bill looks wrong, contact the customer service in your area or HESCO headquarters.

What should I do if my bill has extra charges (arrears)?

If your bill says you owe money even though you’ve paid, show your previous bill’s bank receipt at your local HESCO office.

How can I stop power shutdowns in my area?

Power shutdowns often happen because there’s too much demand. Talk to your local officer to figure out why and how to fix it.

Why does it take so long to fix power theft problems?

Stealing from HESCO is a crime. You have to report it to the police and complete a complaint process. After that, you have to pay for replacing what was stolen.

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