How to Apply for a New WAPDA Connection in Pakistan

How to Apply for a New WAPDA Connection in Pakistan

Applying for a new electricity connection with the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in Pakistan is a simple process, to ensure that both households and businesses have reliable access to power. This guide will walk you through the steps for Wapda new connection application online procedure, detail the charges and tariffs you can expect, and explain how to choose the correct WAPDA branch for your application.

Wapda New Connection Procedure

You can apply wapda new connection application by following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Identify Your Local WAPDA Branch

WAPDA operates through various branches across Pakistan, each serving specific regions. Major branches include IESCO, LESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, among others. Your application process starts with identifying the WAPDA branch responsible for your locality. This ensures that your application is processed efficiently and you receive services tailored to your area’s needs.

Step 2 – Visit the Official Website

Once you’ve identified your local branch, visit its official website. Look for sections labeled “New Connection” or “Apply Online.” These sections are designed to guide applicants through the process of initiating a new connection request.

Step 3 – Account Creation and Form Submission

Some branches may require you to create an account on their portal. Once logged in, fill in the online application form with accurate details on your request for a new electricity connection.

Step 4 – Document Upload

The application process also involves uploading necessary documents. These typically include your Proof of Identity (CNIC), Proof of Ownership or Occupancy of the premises, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) if required. The exact documents may vary by branch, so check the specific requirements on the website.

Wapda New Connection Procedure

Step 5 – Fee Payment

If applicable, you must pay a fee online for your application submission. The fee amount varies depending on your location and the type of connection you’re applying for.

Step 6 – Submit Your Application

After filling in all necessary information and uploading documents, review your application for any errors and submit it through the website. You will receive a confirmation and a reference number for your application.

WAPDA Branches for WAPDA Connection

Each WAPDA branch caters to a specific region and has its website and online application portal. The major branches include:

  • IESCO: Islamabad Electric Supply Company
  • LESCO: Lahore Electric Supply Company
  • MEPCO: Multan Electric Power Company
  • PESCO: Peshawar Electric Power Company

And others such as SEPCO, K Electric, HESCO, FESCO, QESCO, and TESCO, each serving different areas of Pakistan. Therefore, it’s essential to apply to the branch that serves your locality for a smoother application process.

Documents Required for Applying Wapda New Application

When applying online for a WAPDA new electricity connection, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form: The form filled with your details and connection request.
  • Abridged Conditions of Supply: Document detailing the supply terms you agree to.
  • Proof of Identity (CNIC): Your Computerized National Identity Card for identity verification.
  • Proof of Ownership or Occupancy: Documents showing you own or legally occupy the property.
  • NOC from Relevant Authorities: No Objection Certificate, if required, for compliance with local regulations.

WAPDA New Connection Charges and Tariffs

Connection Charges

These are one-time fees for the physical connection of electricity to your premises. They cover the cost of the meter, cables, and labor involved in establishing your new connection. Charges can vary based on your location, the type of connection (single-phase or three-phase), and the distance from the nearest distribution point.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is also required as a guarantee against future bills. This amount is refundable and is held by the utility provider for the duration of your service.


Electricity tariffs are the ongoing costs associated with your consumption of electricity. These include fixed charges (which cover the cost of metering, billing, etc.) and variable charges (based on your actual consumption). Tariffs are set by NEPRA and can vary by region and usage category (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).

WAPDA New Connection Tracking Application Status

Tracking the status of your new electricity connection application with WAPDA is a straightforward process that can be done through two main avenues. For those who prefer the convenience of online tools, the Electricity New Connection (ENC) System portal offers a dedicated “Application Tracking” page. Here, by simply entering the required details of your application, you can promptly receive an update on its current status.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who prefers direct communication or needs further assistance, WAPDA’s customer service is accessible through several phone numbers, including 042-99210287, 99212512, and 99213914. A call to these numbers connects you with customer service representatives who can provide the most recent information on your application, answering any queries you might have.

These methods ensure that applicants can easily stay informed about the progress of their new electricity connection requests, offering both digital and personal touchpoints to suit different preferences.


In conclusion, applying for a new electricity connection with WAPDA online necessitates the submission of several key documents. These include a filled-out application form, acceptance of the abridged conditions of supply, a valid proof of identity via CNIC, documentation proving ownership or legal occupancy of the property, and possibly a NOC from relevant authorities, depending on your situation. Providing these documents accurately is crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient application process, paving the way for a swift approval of your new electricity connection request.

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