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At Billingchecker.pk, we understand how important it is to keep track of your electricity bills especially when it comes to FESCO bills. That’s why we’re excited to offer to check monthly FESCO bills using a bill estimator. So, how to calculate your FESCO bills? Simply input your electricity consumer units, and here you can see the estimated FESCO wapda bill amount. No more confusion or surprise charges, now you can plan and budget your electricity bill with ease.

FESCO Bill Calculator
Slabs (Unit Rates) Amount
1 x 11.74 = 9.42 9.42
F.C Surcharge 0.43
Electricity Duty 0.14
TV Fee 35
GST 1.70
N.J Surcharge 0.1
Total Estimated Bill
Please enter units to see estimate bill amount.

FESCO Bill Calculator

Our FESCO bill calculator is a quick and easy way for you to estimate your monthly electricity bill. All you have to do is input the number of units you’ve used and our tool will give you an estimate of the bill amount. No need to install any extra apps or do complicated calculations, our tool does it all for you.

This calculator is updated with the latest FESCO rates for 2024, so you can trust that the estimate is accurate and includes all relevant taxes and charges. Plus, it’s super simple to use, even for those who are not good with numbers.

Our FESCO bill estimator takes into account the different unit rates for each slab, as well as any additional fees such as the TV fee, FPA, and N.J Surcharge.

So you can be sure you’re getting an estimate that’s as close as possible to your actual bill. Try it out today and make budgeting your electricity expenses a breeze.

How to Use Fesco Bill Calculator?

To calculate your Faisalabad bill online, here is a step by step guide to calculate FESCO bill.

Visit the FESCO Official Website

Start by opening your web browser and navigating to the official website of FESCO. You can usually find it by searching “FESCO official website” on a search engine.

Locate the Bill Calculator

Once on the FESCO website, look for the “Bill Calculator” section. This might be in the “Consumer Services” or a similar menu, depending on the website’s layout.

Enter Consumer Information

Click on the Bill Calculator option. You’ll likely be prompted to enter specific information related to your electricity consumption. This usually includes details such as your consumer number, meter reading, or other relevant data. Make sure to input accurate information for precise results.

Submit the Form

After entering the required information, look for a “Calculate” or “Submit” button. Click on it to process the entered data through the FESCO Bill Calculator.

Review the Result

The calculator will generate an estimated electricity bill based on the information you provided. Take note of the calculated amount and any additional details provided by the calculator.

Print or Save the Result (Optional)

Some FESCO calculators allow you to print or save the calculated bill for your records. If this option is available and you wish to keep a copy, use the provided functionality.

Verify the Accuracy

Before relying on the calculated amount, double-check the entered information and ensure its accuracy. Small errors in data can lead to inaccurate results.

Contact FESCO (if needed)

If you have any concerns or questions about the calculated bill, don’t hesitate to contact FESCO’s customer support. They can provide assistance and clarification on any issues you may encounter.

FESCO Bill Rates

FESCO, the electricity provider, implements slab rates for domestic consumers to determine billing based on monthly consumption. These rates vary depending on the number of FESCO units consumed, with prices ranging from Rs. 3.50 per unit for up to 50 units to Rs. 11.00 per unit for consumption between 201 and 300 units.

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