MEPCO MIS: Online Management Information System


MEPCO MIS is a sophisticated online management information system exclusively designed for authorized MEPCO staff, including line managers and administrators. With personalized login credentials, users can access their accounts securely.

This comprehensive system empowers MEPCO to effectively manage customer records, including court cases, pending recoveries, consumer MEPCO bill corrections, new connection tracking, inquiries, and complaint resolution. Discover the seamless functionality and efficiency of the MEPCO Management Information System.

What is MEPCO MIS?

MEPCO MIS stands for MEPCO Management Information System. It is a robust and efficient online platform exclusively designed for MEPCO staff, including line managers and the administrative team. It serves as a highly organized information management system, empowering authorized MEPCO users with individual login credentials, comprising a unique username and password. With this secure access, MEPCO staff can efficiently operate and manage the system, ensuring seamless storage, retrieval, and processing of crucial data and information.

Why is a MEPCO MIS Online Management Information System Important for MEPCO?

As the leading power distribution company in Pakistan, MEPCO serves millions of electricity consumers and manages extensive consumer data across multiple administrative districts. Recognizing the need for efficient data management, MEPCO has initiated an online Management Information System (MIS). This state-of-the-art system allows MEPCO staff to securely organize and store consumer records, ensuring streamlined operations.

By implementing this online MIS, MEPCO aims to enhance data accuracy, accessibility, and overall efficiency in managing crucial documents and records.

How can you access MEPCO MIS?

To access your MEPCO MIS online account, as an authorized manager or staff member, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the MEPCO website and navigate to the ‘Employee Corner’ section.
  2. Click on the designated MEPCO MIS option, available at
  3. Login to your account using your assigned User Name and Password.
  4. If you are a new MEPCO employee, kindly request login credentials from your designated officer, as access to your account requires unique member credentials.

By following these steps, you will gain access to your MEPCO MIS account, enabling you to efficiently manage and utilize the online Management Information System for your designated responsibilities within MEPCO.

How Does MEPCO MIS Work?

MEPCO’s Management Information System (MIS) is a robust online platform designed to streamline data management and enhance operational efficiency for line managers. This system provides a centralized repository for storing and organizing vital company data and files in a coordinated manner. It also maintains real-time information on MEPCO’s electricity consumers, enabling prompt resolution of customer complaints.

One of the key features of the MIS is its ability to store and retrieve archived or historical data, allowing MEPCO managers to access relevant information whenever needed. By leveraging the MIS, MEPCO improves customer experience, optimizes time management, and ensures the seamless processing of critical data in a well-organized manner.

What are the Key Responsibilities of MEPCO MIS?

Here are the key responsibilities of MEPCO MIS:

Resolving Online Customer Complaints:

MEPCO’s MIS unit operates round the clock to address online customer complaints, including issues related to new connection applications, incorrect billing, meter readings, electricity theft, and more. The administrative staff maintains a comprehensive database of pending and resolved complaints.

Regulating New Connection Requests:

With the growing demand for electricity, MEPCO has expanded its supply and distribution system. The online MIS system facilitates customers in tracking new meter connection applications and addressing related queries. It maintains records of pending and installed connection applications, ensuring prompt resolution of customer concerns.

Managing Data of Court Cases:

The MIS team diligently monitors all active court cases about MEPCO inquiries. It maintains records of judgments, decisions, and relevant documentation within the online system, ensuring efficient management of case data.

Controlling Defaulter Recovery:

MEPCO’s online MIS system tracks and manages the recovery status of defaulters, monitoring the clearance of pending dues. The system also maintains a record of defaulter payment data, allowing MEPCO managers to check the bill payment status for any connection or user online.

Recording Credits and Debits:

The MEPCO MIS staff analyzes the company’s financial transactions, specifically credits and debits, at the division and sub-division levels. The online system meticulously records cash payments and receipts, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the MEPCO MIS serves as a highly efficient and organized online system for collecting, storing, and processing crucial customer and company information. With its comprehensive database and streamlined processes, MEPCO can effectively address customer queries and resolve complaints with greater efficiency and speed. The implementation of this system underscores MEPCO’s commitment to delivering enhanced services and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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