mepco electricity bill

How to Read Your MEPCO Electricity Bill 2024?

mepco electricity bill

As a valued MEPCO customer, it’s important to comprehend the different sections of your bill, enabling you to monitor your energy usage, identify errors, and stay up-to-date with current tariff rates and surcharges.

By gaining a clear understanding of your MEPCO bill online, you can adopt energy-efficient practices and explore potential cost-saving measures, reducing your monthly expenses.

We demystify the meaning, significance, and purpose of each section of your electricity bill, empowering you to take charge of your energy consumption and make informed choices.

How to Read Your MEPCO Electricity Bill?

When it comes to your MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) electricity bill, it consists of various sections that provide detailed information about your monthly electricity consumption and costs. Let’s delve into each section to gain a comprehensive overview of your MEPCO bill.

Customer Information:

At the top of your bill, you’ll find the customer information section. This includes details such as your name, address, account number, billing month, meter reading date, reference number, and the due date for bill payment. It’s essential to review this section to ensure accuracy and timely payment.

Electricity Connection Details:

This section provides information about your meter connection. It includes the meter number, connection date, load (capacity), and the total units consumed, represented by the current meter reading. Understanding this section helps you track your energy usage over time.

You can also check MEPCO scheduled power outages update while reading the bill.

MEPCO Charges:

In the MEPCO charges category, you’ll find details about the taxes and surcharges applied to your bill. The tax amount may vary from month to month based on the current tariff and per unit price determined by MEPCO and government authorities. This section highlights the additional costs associated with your electricity consumption.

Government Charges:

The government applies specific charges to your monthly MEPCO bill. These charges include electricity duty, PTV fee, sales tax, GST (Goods and Services Tax), and various surcharges like N.J. (Neelum Jhelum), F.C. (Financing Cost), or T.R. (Tariff Rationalization) surcharge. Some charges are applied monthly, while others depend on current governmental policies. It’s important to review this section to understand the breakdown of these government-imposed charges.

Billing Period:

Within this category, you will find details about the current billing period, including the month for which the bill is issued, the date of bill generation, and the payment due date. This section provides essential information regarding the timeframe covered by the MEPCO bill and the deadline for making the payment.

Total Bill:

The total bill section presents the overall amount due for the current month. It includes the cost of the consumed electrical units along with any applicable government charges or MEPCO-imposed surcharges. The total bill represents the cumulative amount to be paid for the electricity consumed during the billing period, taking into account all relevant charges.

How is Tariff and Tax Information Calculated on Your MEPCO Bill?

Tariff and tax information on your MEPCO bill plays a crucial role in determining the charges associated with your electricity consumption. It is important to familiarize yourself with the following sub-categories within the tariff and tax section of your bill:

Per Unit Cost of Multan Electricity

The tariff represents the rate at which electrical energy is supplied to consumers and is reflected in the per unit cost of electricity. This rate may vary each month based on the current tariff rates defined by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). It is worth noting that the rate of electricity increases with higher levels of consumption.

Fuel Price Adjustment Charges (FPA)

FPA charges are applicable to consumer bills and depend on the prevailing fuel prices. This charge reflects the cost of fuel used to generate electricity. The FPA amount may fluctuate based on changes in fuel prices.


The PTV fee is a contribution towards funding Pakistan Television (PTV). This fee is applicable to consumers who own a television.

Meter Rent: Meter rent is a fixed monthly charge that ensures the proper maintenance of meter connections in your area. The amount of meter rent is determined by the type of meter and the purpose of its installation, such as residential, industrial, or agricultural use.

General Sales Tax (GST)

The General Sales Tax, known as GST, is implemented on MEPCO consumers as part of the Goods and Services Tax. The current GST rate for MEPCO consumers is 17% and is calculated based on your total bill amount, including all applicable taxes.

Neelam-Jhelum Surcharge

The government imposes a fixed monthly fee known as the Neelam-Jhelum surcharge. This fee is designed to cover expenses related to the Neelam-Jhelum hydroelectric power project.

How is income tax calculated on electricity bill?

Income tax calculation on k electric bills, as per the Income Tax Ordinance, is dependent on the total amount of the bill. If your electricity bill is below Rs 25,000, there is no income tax applicable. However, once the bill exceeds Rs 25,000, an income tax rate of 7.5% is applied to the total amount of the bill.

  1. If the Bill is Below Rs 25,000:
    • No income tax is charged.
    • For example, if your bill is Rs 24,000, you simply pay this amount with no additional tax.
  2. If the Bill Exceeds Rs 25,000:
    • An income tax of 7.5% is levied on the total bill amount.
    • For example, if your bill is Rs 30,000, the income tax would be 7.5% of Rs 30,000, which is Rs 2,250. So, the total amount payable would be Rs 30,000 (original bill) + Rs 2,250 (income tax) = Rs 32,250.

Calculation Method for Your MEPCO Bill

To accurately calculate your MEPCO bill, you need to have the following information at hand: the total number of electricity units consumed during the billing period, as well as the current tariff and tax rates. By using the following formula, you can determine your MEPCO utility bill:

Total MEPCO Bill Amount = (Total electricity units consumed * current electricity charges) + Additional taxes and surcharges

This calculation takes into account the total electricity units consumed, which are multiplied by the current electricity charges. Additionally, any applicable taxes and surcharges are added to arrive at the final bill amount.

For added convenience, MEPCO provides an online electricity bill calculator, a useful and free tool for consumers. Enter the reference number from your bill, and this online calculator will swiftly generate your month’s MEPCO bill.


MEPCO electricity bill is essential for managing your energy consumption effectively and staying informed about your monthly expenses. By comprehending the different sections of your bill, such as customer information, electricity connection details, MEPCO charges, government charges, billing period, and total bill, you can gain valuable insights into your usage patterns and identify any discrepancies.

Moreover, familiarizing yourself with the tariff and tax information on your bill allows you to grasp the factors contributing to your overall charges. From the per unit cost of electricity determined by NEPRA to the fuel price adjustment charges, PTV fee, meter rent, GST, and Neelam-Jhelum surcharge, each component plays a role in calculating your bill amount accurately. Follow BillChecker on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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